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Our Blueberry Varieties

Did you know there were over 30 different varieties of edible blueberries and we grow almost 1/3 of ’em on our Farm! 





What do you get when a bunch of Kiwis invent a blueberry?

Eu-Reka! Well, just Reka. Originating in New Zealand, this mid-sized, dark berry is happy at home in the PNW, with a juicy succulence and alluring fragrance. Makes excellent jam.



Strong as the legendary 300 from ancient Greece, these powerful blueberries have a bold sweetness—with the just right amount of tart to curb the sugar. Bite into these firm fruits and feel ‘em snap! Freezes well.


Duke: Introduced by the USDA in 1987, these subtly sweet, mildly tart berries quickly became the favorite of many, and their royal arrival means only one thing: Summer is here! Great in muffins and flapjacks.


Chandler: These are the big boys, growing up to an inch in width. Down a handful of these and you’ll be swimming in a bath of anti-oxidant magic. Large, sweet, juicy!


Bluecrop: Great for pies, preserves—or just plain pickin’ and eatin’. Wait! We’ve picked them for you, so you can have a whole blue crop!


Public Coast Farm

Toro: Larger and sweeter than your typical store blueberry, it’s hard to believe these firm, flavorful fruit are actually good for you. But that’s no bull. Toro! Throw them in your next salad with some grapefruit.


Liberty: Kick off your shoes and enjoy the sun! Developed at Michigan State University’s Breeding program and patented in 2004, these perfectly balanced sweet-tangy fruit are just the thing for a kick-back summer day. Let freedom ring!


Bluegold: These ones go back! Native to the northeast and first produced commercially in the early 1900’s, these favorites have stood the test of time, with a classic sweet flavor that doesn’t overpower. Blue ribbon? Gold medal? Absolutely!