Public Coast Farm – In the Field

A confluence of coastal mist, cool morning temperatures and warm summer days offer ideal growing conditions at the farm. Rich Willamette Valley Jory soil — coveted for producing some of the finest wines anywhere — plus a bounty of native pollinators, nourish our orchards, hops fields and 10 acres of tasty blueberries.





With an average of 1500 to 2000 bushes per acre, our farm is home to at least 15,000 blueberry bushes.  But who’s counting?  These 10 acres of blues boast eight varieties that begin fruiting in June and produce through early September.  We’re working toward organic certification by summer 2021 as well as launching U-Pick fun for the public.

These beauties also bless our seasonal Public Coast Brewing Blueberry Wheat Ale and Public Coast Farm Blueberry Preserves, which feature 65% berries (and that’s about the highest fruit content for any jam, trust us).

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  • Reka
  • Duke
  • Toro
  • Blue Crop
  • Blue Gold
  • Liberty
  • Chandler
  • Spartan

Read about the varieties here.



Pies, crumbles, salads, cider, and who knows, maybe someday hard cider, our apple orchard is a chef’s playground.  If only our trees could talk, they’d be sure to whisper the history of this beautiful locale; some of our trees date back over a hundred years.


  • Honeycrisp
  • Ambrosia
  • Early Fuji


In 2021 we’ll add to the farm’s orchard with new, bountiful peach trees.
Varieties under consideration:

  • Sun crest
  • Canadian harmony
  • Redhaven

Public Coast Farm Honey

We produce small-batch, single-origin honey from 40 custom hives on the north side of the farm.   Our bees socialize with blueberries, apples, hops and the occasional salty mist blowing in from the Pacific. You can find Public Coast Farm honey in everything from the beers we brew at Public Coast Brewing to the dressings and desserts at our restaurants. Buy our honey here.



Affectionately called our “Landing Hops,” we planted two, 700 foot rows of Magnum and Cascade hops along the farm’s former runway (it’s true, helicopters and small planes used to land at the farm).  In between the rows, herbs and clover serve as pollinators; our hops will be pelletized for use in Public Coast beers. In the near future, we’ll add a half-acre Experimental Hop Garden featuring six varieties, including trellises dedicated to fresh hops beers.  Farm guests will be welcome to explore, learn, smell and wander this fragrant patch of the farm.

See what’s growing in the greenhouse.